Library Vote

Library Funding Proposition on School District Ballot

Proposition #3 will appear on the Canandaigua City School District ballot on May 17, 2022.


Voting will take place in person at two locations depending on where you live:  Canandaigua Elementary School Link Gym, 90 W Gibson St, Canandaigua; OR at the Cheshire Fire Hall, Rte 21 South, Cheshire.  The polls are open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.


Absentee ballots may be requested and must be received by the School District Clerk before 5:00PM on May 17, 2022, or your vote will not be counted.  The address is 143 North Pearl St, Canandaigua, NY  14424.


What is Proposition #3?


A proposition for Wood Library funding will appear on the same ballot as the Canandaigua City School District budget.  It asks voters to authorize the School District to levy and collect an annual tax for Wood Library in the amount of $844,250 starting with the 2022-2023 tax bill.  This is an increase of $73,250 over the base amount that was approved by voters in 2021.  The library levy was first authorized by Canandaigua City School district voters in May 2012.


How will it affect my taxes?


If approved, the levy will add $2.51 to the total tax bill on a property assessed at $150,000, and increase the library property tax rate by 1.7 cents per thousand dollars of assessed property valuation.  The proposed increase will impact your October 2022 property tax bill.


How will the increase in funding impact library operations and services?


The Wood Library Board of Trustees carefully monitors library expenses and revenue.  The proposed increase in community-based funding will help us address state-mandated minimum-wage increases and cost-of-living adjustments, support critical technology upgrades focused on security and access, and ensure that everyone can continue to obtain our full range of library services.

Many of the essential digital services that people relied on during the worst of the pandemic are now part of library business-as-usual.  And, while many library programs are once again being held in-person, we are investing in technology to accommodate those who cannot physically be present at the library.


Does the library fundraise?


Yes.  Donations and fundraising support one-third of the library’s operating budget.  The library’s projected 2023 budget is $1,173,000.  Fundraising and the amount tapped from endowment income will have to increase to $328,750 to fully fund operations.


How is the library levy used?


Community-based funding provides a stable source of revenue for the library’s essential services and programs.  When the levy for Wood Library was first approved in 2012, it represented 75% of the total operating budget.  Today, community-based funding supports 70% of the library’s budget.  If Proposition #3 passes, community-based funding will be closer to 72% of the library’s total operating budget.


Why does Wood Library ask for funding this way?


State education law allows libraries to appeal to school district voters for community-based funding and changes to the levy.  An increase in the levy must be presented to school district voters for approval by proposition.


How do people use Wood Library?


People engage with Wood Library in new ways all the time.  There is an increase in demand for more digital services and diverse materials.  We are constantly refreshing and growing our physical and digital collections to build connections and cultivate understanding between readers.  Library spaces are changing too as we accommodate large and small group discussion, study, experiential learning, and play.


Many of the modifications that we made in response to the ongoing pandemic will remain including digital library cards, a more robust digital ebook and downloadable collection, digital services like hoopla, virtual and hybrid programming, and expansion of our wifi hot spot program.  If people choose, they can still request curbside delivery service.  A new mail delivery service is also available for homebound persons.


In 2021 we introduced fine-free borrowing for patrons, hoopla digital media service, a 3D printer, online calendar updates, take and make kits, an eSports League, and Tai Chi classes.  The library was visited 64,428 times (an increase of 35% from 2021), and 11,263 people used their library card to check out 158,234 items (an increase of 37%).  Digital checkouts totaled 57,825.  14,091 people participated in 521 live programs, and 117 recorded library programs were viewed by 10,539 persons.  Staff supported 436 reference requests (up 16%).  Public internet computers were used 7,606 times (up 16%) and wireless sessions totaled 4,419 (up 9%).  224 new digital library cards were issued (an increase of 57%) and staff supported 42 notary appointments.  298 persons received tax aide assistance through a partnership with AARP.

How do I vote?


Any registered voter residing in the Canandaigua City School District may cast a ballot.  There are two polling locations:  Canandaigua Elementary School Link Gym, 90 W Gibson St, Canandaigua; OR at the Cheshire Fire Hall, Rte 21 South, Cheshire.  The polls are open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.


Not able to vote in person?


Vote by absentee ballot.  Request a ballot using the absentee ballot application found at Wood Library or the School District office, or download it from  The application must be received by the District Clerk before May 10 if you need the ballot mailed to you; or by May 16 if you or another person will pick it up from the District Clerk.  Completed ballots must be received by the District Clerk no later than 5:00 PM on May 17.


How do I learn more?

A community presentation will take place at Wood Library on Wednesday, May 11, at 6:00PM.  All are welcome to attend.

Still have questions?

Contact Library Director Jenny Goodemote at 585.394.1381 ext 306 or by email.