Oct 162014

Terwilliger named Trustee of the Year at Pioneer Library System’s Annual Dinner held on October 8.

Jim Terwilliger Library Trustee of the Year 2014

(left to right) Board President Paul Bringewatt, Board Treasurer Jim Terwilliger, Assistant Director Ben Lainhart

Jim Terwilliger, a Wood Library Trustee since 2007, received the Pioneer Library System’s Trustee of the Year Award at its annual dinner on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, at Bristol Harbor Inn and Resort.

Jim has been a steady voice for fiscal responsibility and stable financing for Wood Library.  As Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair he has carefully monitored the library’s operational budget, recommended financial policies to support the library’s organizational priorities, and guided the library through a major capital fundraising campaign.  Jim also led a committee of library advocates and trustees to develop and implement a long-term plan for community-based funding for Wood Library.  He is a role model trustee, giving time and treasure beyond expectations.

Jim’s dedication to Wood Library and leadership as a trustee has helped to secure Wood Library’s future as an essential community asset.

Wood Library is a member of the Pioneer Library System, a collaborative partnership between 42 libraries in Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming, and Livingston counties.

Thanks Jim for your continued commitment to Wood Library, for your advocacy and leadership, and for sharing your wisdom.

Oct 062014

Hobart & William Smith Speaker Series

October 23, 2014 @ 7:00pm

How much science is there in science fiction?  Is a future with faster-than-light travel and people beaming from one spot to another possible?  How much of  that technical talk about neutrinos, wormholes, and lasers just a bunch gibberish?  And where does the science of our ordinary lives fit into this future?  We will use “Star Trek” as our science fiction laboratory, and will figure out what they get right, what they get wrong, and what we just don’t know about yet.  And don’t worry: No previous knowledge of “Star Trek” or physics is needed to enjoy this talk.

About the speaker:

Donald Spector is a professor of theoretical physics at Hobart & William Smith Colleges. His course “Physics through Star Trek” has made it into the pages of the Dallas Morning News and CosmoGirl magazine.  His work on particle physics and supersymmetry has been recognized by all sorts of acronyms, including NSF, KITP, JSPS, NATO, and FQXi.  He is on the board of the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Oct 032014


The first round of the library’s Teen Tech Tutors program came to a successful end in August. We are now looking to add 2 additional teens to our roster of tutors. We are accepting applications between Friday, October 3 through Friday, October 17.

This volunteer position is open to students in grades 9-12 who are comfortable with smart phones, tablets, email, social media, and computers, and who are interested in helping others in their community improve their tech skills. Teen Tech Tutors is a great opportunity for those looking for unique extra curricular activities and/or volunteer experience for course requirements, as well as college and job applications.

Each tutor will work a maximum of 2 hours a week on a rotating schedule, though they are welcome to pick up additional hours as needed. Tutoring sessions currently take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. All tutors will be trained and mentored by a librarian.

If you’re interested in becoming a Wood Library Teen Tech Tutor, please fill out our online application by Friday, October 17. Interviews and training will take place in late October, and students will be expected to begin tutoring in November.

Questions? Contact Kelley Blue, Teen Services Librarian, kblue@pls-net.org or (585) 394-1381.