Wood Library Funding Proposition on May 18 Canandaigua City School District Ballot

Proposition #4 asks voters to authorize an increase of $50,732 in the levy for library operations


Canandaigua, NY (May 4, 2021)—On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, Canandaigua City School District voters will consider a proposition to increase community-based funding for Wood Library by $50,732 over the base amount that was approved by voters in 2020.  If approved, the increase will add $2.47 to the total tax bill of a property assessed at $150,000, and increase the library property tax rate by 1.6 cents per thousand of assessed property valuation.


“Wood Library is an essential community resource that enriches lives and helps our neighbors thrive,” asserts Library Trustee and Board President Jill Werth.  “The pandemic challenged us to reimagine library services and engage with people in new ways.  We are meeting people where they are and providing the library services they need and count on to make their lives easier and better.”


“Our touchpoints with the community extend beyond the library building.  We have embraced technology and prioritized digital services and virtual programs.  In addition to books and traditional library services, Wood Library offers free WiFi in and around the building, WiFi hotspots, a streaming service called hoopla, digital library cards, eBooks, and downloadable audiobooks.”


Highlights of service in 2020 included—


49,672 OWWL2Go (online digital) and other digital content checkouts

115,278 books, DVDs, and other physical item checkouts

662 requests for reference/assistance in person and virtual

143 digital library cards issued

631 appointments for curbside pickup

312 pre-recorded programs produced by librarians uploaded to social media

423 virtual programs with 87,866 views


Wood Library’s 2022 projected budget is $1,080,000.  Community-based funding supports about 71% of library operations.  The proposed levy increase addresses state-mandated minimum wage increases and cost-of-living adjustments to salaries and benefits, and will restore hours and collections that were cut in 2020.  It will also ensure the continuation of essential virtual programs for all ages.  Fundraising and the amount tapped from the library’s endowment income will have to increase to $309,000 to fully fund operations.


The library proposition will appear on the same ballot as the Canandaigua City School District budget.  Proposition #4 will ask voters to authorize the School District to levy and collect an annual tax for Wood Library in the amount of $771,000.  Putting this proposal before the voters is the only way Wood Library can ask for an increase in community-based funding.


A virtual information session will be offered on Tuesday, May 11, at 7:00PM.  Additional information can be found at woodlibrary.org/vote.  For information about Wood Library, go to woodlibrary.org or call 585.394.1381.  Please direct questions about the May 18 vote and Proposition #4 to Board President Jill Werth or Library Director Jenny Goodemote.