ROCtheDay for Wood Library!

Your donation on NOVEMBER 27 through will fund essential digital resources for children, teens, and adults, helping to bridge the digital divide that exists in our community.

We are focusing on two special digital literacy initiatives: (1) $3,300 to fund our WiFi Hotspot Program through the 2019-2020 school year, and (2) $3,250 to fund more downloadable ebooks and audiobooks for our OWWL2Go collection.

Wood Library currently partners with the Canandaigua City School District to offer WiFi Hotspots to families with children in the middle and high school who do not have internet service at home. The school district provides chromebooks for students to help them complete homework assignments and connect to teachers. Teachers use online tools to post assignments, class notes, and other information. Students without internet access at home are unable to access this important information. Some students visit the library every day after school to connect their chromebook to the library’s free WiFi for homework. However, once the library closes, or if they cannot get to the library after school, the students struggle to complete homework assignments, miss opportunities to access online educational resources, and can’t connect with their teachers.

Wood Library’s WiFi Hotspot program addresses this problem by offering free hotspots to families that are identified by the Canandaigua School District. Now in its third year, this program was originally funded by grants. This year, Wood Library is funding the Hotspot program through the operating budget. For it to continue for the 2019-2020 school year, we need to raise $3,300.

We are also committed to investing in OWWL2Go which makes ebooks and audiobooks available to library patrons. These items are very popular but expensive. It costs between $65-$100 for one ebook or audiobook for our collection. Our goal is to raise $3,250 through ROCtheDay for this purpose, which would fund an additional 50 items for the OWWL2Go collection.

Thank you for supporting these special needs and for being a Wood Library ROCStar!