Art Exhibit: Jeananne Ralston, “Chronicle of Growth”

An artist’s sketchbook is a journal of sorts, keeping track of the things one has looked at in order to develop their skill set. In this show, Jeananne has decided to open-up her past books and share her love for flowers as well as her “practice” in growing as an artist. The sketches explore the basic elements of drawing: line, shape, composition, and the seasons of blooms from her garden.

A Canandaigua native, Jeananne worked with Fred Johnson at the Canandaigua Academy. She went on to study drawing and painting at Mount Union College under Joel Collins and James Hopper. She has displayed her finished work at various places locally, but never her sketchbook. Jeananne welcomes your feedback at

An opening reception will be held July 18, 6-8pm.