Mar 232017
Rene Denfeld didn’t have an easy life growing up.  She credits her local library and the staff there with “saving my life.”
In a riveting talk at Wood Library on Thursday, March 30, Denfeld shared that her book The Enchanted was inspired by learning about the real life stories of prisoners on death row.  “I wanted to learn why they did what they did.” In response to a question about what led to her success as a writer, Denfeld said that spending time in her local library as a child helped her “discover values…and a lens into which I could envision a different future for myself.”
If you haven’t read Denfeld’s book yet, pick up a copy at the library.   Her next book The Child Finder will be published by HarperCollins and is planned for release in September.  You can learn more about Rene Denfeld and her work HERE.