Frequently Asked Questions 
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Can people in wheel chairs or who can’t climb stairs use the library?

Yes, we have power operated accessible doors on the ground floor near the parking lot. Elevators serve the three floors of the library and can accommodate a wheel chair. Bathrooms are accessible on ground floor and second floor.

What about handicapped parking?

Yes, there are reserved parking spaces near the library ground floor entrance for cars with handicapped stickers.

I don’t drive a car. How can I get to the library?

The C.A.T.S. (County Area Transit System) bus service makes stops at the library. They accommodate wheel chairs and offer a senior discount. Call them for a schedule at 585-394-2250 or 800-667-2287. TDD Relay at 800-662-1220.

Borrowing Materials

How many items may I take out?

You may check out a total of 20 items. First time borrowers are limited to 6 items.

How long may I keep items I have borrowed?

New books – 14 days

DVDs and video games – 7 days

All other library materials – 21 days

Downloadable audiobooks – 14 days

Downloadable ebooks – 21 days

Overhead projector are due the next day the library is open.

If libraries in the Pioneer Library System do not own an item, can the library order it for me from another library?

Yes, we can order items not in our system through Inter Library Loan (ILL). There will be a non-refundable $5.00 charge for searches for items that are outside the Pioneer Library System. That money will be paid when the request is made. No over-the-phone or email requests for these items will be accepted.

Building & History

What is the large tree on the front lawn of the library?

It is a Purple Beech tree, a cultivated variety of the European Beech.

What are the plants growing in the Wood Library sign planter?

Bird’s Nest Spruces.

When was the library founded?

In the 1820s, William Wood, a local philanthropist, established a small book collection and reading room in the Ontario County Court House in Canandaigua. By the time Wood died in 1857, the reading room had ceased to exist. In 1859, Wood Library Association was open to the public in memory of Mr. Wood. In 1868, Wood Library was incorporated as a public library. For many years Wood Library was located in the town hall and, briefly, in a nearby law office before going back to the town hall. In 1914, Wood Library joined the Ontario County Historical Society in their building at 55 North Main Street. In 1973, Wood Library moved to its present location at 134 North Main Street.

Who was William Wood?

William Wood (1777-1857) was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. In Boston, New York, and Liverpool, England he was later associated with the mercantile trade in which he amassed a fortune. Beginning in 1819, he began establishing mercantile libraries in Boston, New York, Montreal, and many other cities. He even established libraries aboard ships. In 1826, Wood came to live in Canandaigua, New York where his sister, Mrs. Nathaniel Gorham resided. In Canandaigua, he placed a small library collection in the Court House. After his death in 1857, Wood Library was established in his honor. Besides his association with libraries, William Wood, affectionately known as “Billy,” is said to have planted some 400 trees in Canandaigua.

What is the history of the library building? It looks like a house.

Yes, the library building was once a private residence. The Greek Revival style structure was built in 1845 by Mark Sibley, a prominent Canandaigua lawyer. It was referred to as “Sibley’s Folly” because he spent so much money on its construction. Wood Library Association purchased the building in 1972. The following year, the library moved in.

Computer Use

Does the library have computers the public can use?

Yes, the library has 11 public use computers. Users are limited to one 1-hour session per day. Computers may be reserved by signing up at the Computer Reservation Station located on the main floor. Computers may be used for Internet, email, word processing, learning software and other applications.

How much does it cost to use the public computers?

There is no charge for use of public computers, nor is a library card required. Computer print outs are black and white and cost 15¢ each.


Does the library offer copy services?

Yes, there is a self-serve copy machine on the Main Floor near the public computers. Copies are 15¢ per page.

Hours, Holidays & Closings

When is the library open?

The library is open the following hours: Monday-Thursday 10am to 9pm; Friday, 10am to 5pm; and Saturday, 10am to 2pm. We are closed Sunday.

Does the library close on holidays?

Wood Library is closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day Weekend (Saturday & Monday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. The library is open from 10am to 5pm on the following holidays: Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day. Thanksgiving hours are Weds. 10am-5pm, Thanksgiving Thurs. Closed. Please see the Calendar for scheduled closings for the current year.

Does the library close for bad weather?

Yes, sometimes the library closes due to bad weather. Listen for closings on the radio at WCGR 1550 AM Canandaigua or WGVA 1240 AM Geneva. It is best to call us at 585-394-1381 before you start out. If we are closed, the answering machine will play an automated message indicating that the library is closed.

Library Cards

How do I get a library card?

Any person who lives or owns property in New York State, and is either 5 years old or has entered kindergarten, may register for a free library card. A parent or guardian must sign the registration form for children through third grade. Please apply in person and present ID, such as a driver’s license with your current name and address on it.

May I use my library card at other libraries?

Yes, you may use your card at other participating OWWL libraries in the Pioneer Library System in Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming, and Livingston Counties. A list of OWWL libraries is available at the circulation desks.

What happens if I lose my library card?

Please report the loss to the library. You will need to replace your card. The cost of replacement is 50¢ for children Gr. K-5 and $1.00 for Gr.6-12 and adults.

Lost or Damaged Materials

What happens if I lose or damage a book or other material?

The library will bill you for the cost of replacing the item.

Online Library Account

How do I access my personal online library account?

While connected to the Internet, go to this URL or web address: http://owwl.pls-net.org/. Log in to your online library account with your 14 digit user id number (the number on the back of your library card, below the bar code) and your PIN (Personal Identification Number) . You were assigned a PIN when you registered for your library card.

I can’t remember my PIN. What should I do?

Please call 585-394-1381. Have your library card ready. We will ask you for the 14-digit user id number on your card. After we verify your record, we will give you your pin number. You may also ask for your PIN at either circulation desk.

What can I do once I log in to my online library account?

You can change your PIN, view your account, see items borrowed, due dates, overdue items, fines or bills owed. You can also renew your materials online provided they are not overdue, have a hold on them, or have reached their maximum number of renewals. You can request items from other libraries by placing an online hold.

What other services require a log in with user id and PIN?

Research Databases, Learning Express, and the OWWL2go downloadable audiobooks and ebooks also require log ins either with just the user id or with user id and PIN.

Overdue Materials & Fines

How do I know if my books are overdue?

The due date of each item borrowed appears on the print-out slip you received at the time of check out. You can also log in to your online library account to see when items are due. If you’re still not sure, call the circulation desk at 585-394-1381.

Does the library charge overdue fines?

Yes. Fines are 20¢ per day per adult item, 10¢ per day per children’s item, and DVDs and video games are $1.00 per item per day. There is a maximum charge of $5.00 on adult items and $3.00 on children’s items. Fines begin to accrue on the first business day following an item’s due date. No charges accrue for days that the library is closed. A $1.00 fee will be charged for an Inter-library loan item that was not picked-up.

Will I get an overdue notice?

Yes, a postcard notice will be sent 15 to 21 days after an item is due. A bill will be sent ten weeks after the date the item was due.

If I have reached the maximum fine, can I still borrow items?

No, your borrowing privileges are suspended until the overdue fine is paid.

How can I get fine-free status?

Anyone donating $50 to the Library’s Annual Fund Drive receives individual fine-free status. A $100 donation entitles family members living at the same address to fine free status for one year. Fine Free Gift Cards are also available for all occasions. Ask at the library for details.

Renewing Materials

May I renew materials I have borrowed?

Yes, you may renew in person, by telephone, or online by logging in to your library account at owwl.pls-net.org/

How many times may I renew items?

-DVDs and video games – one renewal

-New books – one renewal

-All other items – two renewals

-Downloadable audiobooks – no renewals

-Downloadable ebooks – no renewals

-Items with HOLDS (reserved by someone) may NOT be renewed.

-Interlibrary Loan materials from another library – some ILL materials cannot be renewed at all; others may be renewed once. However, if the lending library does not approve the renewal, we will notify you that the item must be returned.

Returning Materials

Does the library have a bookdrop in case the library is closed?

Yes, two book drops are located at the rear of the library near the ground floor entrance adjacent to the parking lot.  Materials returned in the bookdrop, after the scheduled closing time, are treated as if they were returned the same day. Fines may apply depending on the due date of materials.

May I return materials borrowed at Wood Library to another library nearby?

Yes, as long as the library is a member of the Pioneer Library System. The materials will be returned to Wood Library by system delivery.


How can I volunteer at the library?

Volunteers perform many tasks and projects at the library. For more information or to complete a volunteer application, call Ann Delforte, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, at 585-394-1381.